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Feet and Footwear
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Feet and Footwear

Getting your footwear correct for an event is vital. The video from our partners, Go Outdoors and the associated advice on this page will help you decide on the correct footwear for you.

We always recommend a full boots over walking shoes.

When hiking the most important thing to look after is your feet. So what should you do to look after them during the Fells Marathon and Wolds Challenge?

Wear well-fitted boots and make sure they a broken in, there is nothing worse than a blister on that last two mile home run. Making sure your boot is laced up so it doesn't slide around on your foot will help stop this from happening along with a nice think sock to give some extra padding. If you have bought some new boots you may find them to be a stiff, put them on each night for a week and take the dog for a walk, don't have a dog go geocaching instead. This will allow the boot to soften before the event. The more you can walk in them before the event the better they will be.

Wear the right socks, avoid cotton socks at all costs. Cotton socks absorb sweat and won't allow your foot to breath. Damp socks and feet mean blisters. Hikers tend to go for a sock that wicks and that provides padding within the boot this helps stop foot sores and removes sweat from the foot. Always carry more socks than you need. This really helps if you step in puddle and your foot gets wet. Its also nice on a night when you are relaxing to put on a nice clean pair of socks, this isn't just for comfort but helps dry and extra moisture left in your foot.

Blisters are hated by pretty much everyone, if you get a blister it is advisable to keep it clean. We always recommend talking to a leader if you have a blister and they will be able to advise on the best course of action.

Your feet are important look after them and if you think something is wrong always seek advice from a leader.

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