Keeping Warm

No one likes to be cold, do they?

Read about the best way that you can keep warm, even on the coldest of days. 

Picture this: You are out completing for first place in the Fells Marathon when the temperature starts to drop. What do you do?

Most people would get their big coat out, and zip it right up, but this really isn’t the best thing to do when hiking. When hiking it is best to adopt the layering technique.

What are layers?

Layers are multiple items of clothing and are broken down in to sub sets.

Base layers

These items are clothing that is against your skin, they are designed to create a small barrier of air between you and it but also allow the wicking of moisture. Cotton is not good as a base layer as it tends to hold moisture and thus not allow your body to regulate its temperature correctly.

Mid layer

This layer is an item of clothing to go over your base layer. Its goal is to again create another pocket of air between the base layer and it. The mid layer can be multiple items, for instance on a cold day you may want a T-shirt and then a Fleece on top of that.

Outer Layer

This is the last item you would be wearing. The aim of this item is to protect you from the wind and rain. Coats that allow wicking are the best here, but don’t think this item has to be waterproof either, our advice is that this item of clothing should be at least shower resistant giving you time to find your waterproof jacket.

Why use the layering system?

As you are hiking you will heat up. This means that you don’t need that thicker outer layer. You will be more comfortable when hiking as you are not cooler. Equally the sun is out, and you are just wearing a base layer, clouds come over and its gets a little bit colder. You can put on one, maybe two layers to warm you up but not make you too hot.

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